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Ridin' Dirty

Just got the below bike. My friends at work and I got some bikes so we can start to ride them at a few bike paths around here. It's not a hardcore mountain bike so we're not really trying to become these speed demons on the bike path. More for a way to relax and stroll and do a little exercise in an indirect way. Now I just need a bike rack and a goofy looking helmet :D

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My Sunday (In Photos)

I had a wonderful Sunday with the family and got some photos in with the new camera. Whole album is here.

Enjoyed an espresso for breakfast

My baby brother (NTP) being a goof ... and TR behind his cell...ha.

Others had cappuccinos.

Then we helped build my brother's (DTP) new fire pit.

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Happy Friday!

Had a pretty great day today. Work was so quiet because we had a huge event that kept most people occupied, leaving me to my own entertainment the four hours I was there--it was great.

Left work at 1pm and it was pretty dreary out. Took this photo of the UCONN Law School, which is near where I work. I love the architecture of the building and up against the darkening sky it almost looks like a place where magic can happen :D (Yeah I am a nerd).


After work I hung out at home for a couple of hours until my mother got out of work. She had a doctors appointment today and she wanted me to go with her to better explain recent symptoms. My parents' English is pretty good considering they have had NO English education, but they always get nervous around doctors or when it's important things, so I have no problem going.

Her appointment was at 4:30pm. By the time her doctor came in it was closer to 5:10pm. I hate that her doctor does this all the time. A lot of doctors are bad, but he is seriously THEE worst. And I can understand once in a while if there are emergencies or something but he does it ALL the time. I think they double book to get as much as they can in a day ... it infuriates me.

Anyway, he's going to run some tests so hoping things are okay. Having dad with cancer is enough stress on us all... We really can't handle my mom possibly being seriously ill. The doctor thinks it's really all the stress of my pops' cancer, and I can see that. Hopefully she's otherwise okay.

Anywho, after that I was supposed to meet up with Diane at Starbucks. I asked her if I could bring my folks along and of course she said that was fine. A second later she was all, "Hey! My folks are at Dunkin, want to all meet up there?" Sure thing! So for the last hour and a half we were hanging out there chatting and sharing a few laughs. It was actually really great because it got my dad out of the house and out in public/company.

This chemo causes an almost 'allergic' reaction to his skin which causes little bubbles to appear on his face. In the beginning they were really noticeable so he became very self-conscious and really didn't want to go out in public (I'd be the same way). But now it's barely noticeable but he still feels like everyone stares ... even when we encourage him to get out a bit more. It's not good that he's home all day (and for about 8 hours all alone) ... we hate it. So yeah. It was really nice to all hang out. Hopefully we can do more as the weather warms up.

I ended up ordering one of the egg-white sandwiches because I was starving haha. I didn't remember to take a picture until after I'd scarfed it all down haha ... oh well! Next time :D

Tomorrow I'm watching Avengers at 11am with the chicas from work. Then we're going to browse for bicycles. I don't think we'll buy but we're going to test bikes we might enjoy riding, etc. At night I'll be at my brothers. He invited a few friends over to watch the big boxing fight (Mayweather vs Pacquiao). While I am not a big boxing fan, it will be nice hanging out with everyone and munching on goodies for the night.
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Messin' Around Wit De Camera

So as I said in an earlier post... I messed around a bit today with the camera and while it's only been less than a day, I enjoyed the results I got from the point-and-shoot. I am still learning all it's little intricacies, so I can't wait to really get the settings to how I want them. But yeah, here are just a few samples from today.

I don't know why but I love warmer tones in my photos versus the 'natural' look. I always have.


Right outside work



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Worlds Collide

It came! I was so excited last night. Even though it arrived with about 6% battery life, I still went out back a little bit and took a couple of photos. From what little I have seen since getting it (few hours’ worth) … amazing. I will have a spam-filled post later tonight with some of them…ha. I even looked up a tutorial online to try and maximize what the camera really has to offer. Now I have to buy lenses … ROFL. Actually, the kit lens is pretty sweet. I might just buy a macro lens … I love macro shots.

Spring Clothing
Busted out my FIRST skirt today. I was never a skirt person. I used to dread having to wear them…but then I got this job where it requires more than jeans and a t-shirt attire…ha-ha. So I bought a few skirts at first, just to kind of ease myself into wearing them. And now? I hate when I can’t wear them, which is thankfully just in the winter. I have long enough skirts that keep me warm in the autumn months, and flowy skirts for the hot summer days. It is sad that I am so excited that I can wear skirts again … ha-ha. *throws pants into the back of her closet*

Should Worlds Collide?
Anyone here ever watch Seinfeld? If so, remember the episode where George doesn’t want his fiancé hanging out with his friends because he’s afraid of his worlds colliding and disrupting the entire balance of the universe? (Here's the YouTube clip of the scene, haha) First of all great episode, but more importantly, do you agree with the sentiment? And I don’t know if it’s self-prophesized but it does end up throwing the whole group into a tizzy lol.

I ask because I have my ‘work’ friends and then I have my ‘grew up with/met through growing up friends’. The two occasions where I had a BBQ and invited both sets, it was odd …I guess is the word. Since they didn’t know each other they sat at different ends of my backyard and so I had to bounce back and forth between both sets of friends and lately I’ve been doing a lot more stuff with the ‘work’ friends, and sometimes when it is something like a movie, I wonder if I should invite one or two of my other friend’s because I know they’ll like it …but then I think back to the awkwardness at previous social events and never do.

I sometimes feel like all my friends should be friends with each other too, but I think it’s okay that they’re not … thoughts? Do you have a similar situation?

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Bullet Point

  • Finally heard from the professer on our final. It's surprisingly NOT a huge paper. Instead he wants us to focus on one topic sentence and write a 750 word (concise) essay in response to said statement. *brushes brow in relief*

  • My "final" paper is DONE. I just read through it one last time and will be emailing it to him (as directed) by 1PM. Glad that's over!

  • Next Wednesday is my official 'last day' of the semester and I am bursting with excitement (I really am).

  • Over the last three days I finished three books (okay, one is a novella so it's more like 2.5 books). Sunday (into Monday) I finished The First Fifteen Years of Harry August by Claire North. Last night I finished Everneath (Everneath #1) and Neverfall (Everneath #1.5) by Brodi Ashton. Reviews at goodreads if anyone is bored enough to check out.  

  • With those three in the mix as read, I am actually 'on par' for my goal of 30 books this year!

  • I also wrote a few more chapters in my own book, putting me at Chapter 20!

  • My new camera arrives today and I can't wait to take it out for a test run! *Squee* I really hope it's as good as the reviews say. I hate feeling like I wasted money, ha!

  • Today is the most BEAUTIFUL day we've had in over six months. It's the perfect mix of warm, cool breeze, clear blue skies and just an overall 'spring' and 'happy' feeling. I am in LOVE with today's weather. I wish it were like this all the time (with the occasional thunderstorm because I luuuub thunderstorms).

  • Happy HUMP-izzle Day!

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Manic Monday

First, I just want to write about how heartbreaking it is to read the tragedy of the Nepal Earthquake (and aftershock). They’re saying the death toll is closer to 4,000 now and it’s just …crazy. I woke up to the alert on Saturday and just sat and stared as the news came in… insane. If anyone is able to donate, TIME posted an article on six ways to donate to the relief efforts.

Back in my world, things are winding down and I find myself almost lost with what to do with the free time. This weekend I spent most of it either playing SIMS, watching tv/movies or sleeping. I found myself sleeping WAY too much this weekend (mostly Sunday). It was the first weekend in quite a few months where I really felt like it was a ‘wasted’ weekend. I hate when I come back to work on Monday feeling as if I pissed away my free time lol. Thankfully I already have some plans for the coming one, so hopefully I won’t have any more of those.

Otherwise, I’ve limited my decision on a new camera down to two. I have no idea which one I will choose between but I have to choose soon if I want it by Saturday. I hate making these decisions because I always feel like I’ll make the wrong one lol … *fingerscrossed*

Anywho … here’s a meme on how I feel about Mondays :D
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Point - and - shoot Camera

Any photogs on my friends feed (or stalking)?

I have spent the last week searching for a point and shoot camera that takes (close to) DSLR quality photographs. I love my DSLR but it weighs like 15lbs and after a while it is just so heavy.

I really want to take it with me everywhere, but it doesn't easily go in my purse .. so yeah. I have found a few 'hopefuls', but before making a final decision, I wanted to send out a line and see if anyone hooks it with some other options I might want to look into.

Thanks in advance and Happy Friday!! 
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