The Inane Blubbering’s of a Mad-Woman

21 September
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Things I Write About
  • Everyday Happenings. Things I might need to reflect on that happened or thoughts I had. This includes (but not limited to) interactions with co-workers, family, friends and people at college.
  • Photographs. One of my missions this year is to get back into taking photos. I used to carry my camera around with me EVERYWHERE, but in the last two or so years, I barely bust it out. I want to return to that passion.
  • Writing. I love to write. I've never been published, but I've shared blurbs with friends, and I've decided to just start sharing more. Might get chapters of books I'm working on or just poems that come to mind, or short stories from prompts.
  • Television Show and Movie Reviews. I love watching 'my' shows. I'm typically one episode behind since I refuse to have a TV and watch what I can on Hulu (or after the season is released on Netflix). I am also a big fan of movies and if an episode or movie is poignant or 'squee' worthy, I'll probably be all over it with my thoughts.
  • Random Stuff. This will include the occasional YouTube video, news article rant/thoughts, a quote I come across that I have to share, a quick phone post with some random Instagram image, etc.

  • About The Girl

  • Name: Baity (gaming nickname).
  • Location:Northeast, United States.
  • Age/Sex: 31. Female.
  • Religion: I have a flurry of beliefs that come from a multitude of religions and scientific understandings.
  • Background: Born in Portugal, came to America at a young age.
  • Languages: English (fluent), Portuguese (can speak and read it, but difficulty writing it), Spanish (can speak it).
  • People I write about: Dad and Mom. My two brothers NTP (28) and DTP (32). Friends—TR (26 and dates my bro NTP), LLB (BFF and also coworker), DT (27) long-time friend recently estranged-ish, Erica, Cassie and Alexa.
  • Hobbies: Pretty much everything listed under interests to some degree.
  • Top 10 Favorite Movies:
    1. Pride and Prejudice (1995 A&E version)
    2. Despicable Me
    3. Divergent
    4. Star Trek (both so far with Chris Pine)
    5. Inception
    6. 21 Jump Street
    7. Pirates of the Caribbean (1 & 2)
    8. Gladiator
    9. Serenity
    10. The Mummy
  • Top 10 Favorite Shows:
    1. Bones
    2. Castle
    3. Constantine (hoping it gets more seasons!)
    4. The Walking Dead
    5. Arrow
    6. The Flash
    7. Ancient Aliens (I love conspiracies and history … this show has BOTH)
    8. Sherlock
    9. The Last Ship
    10. Dominion
  • Top 10 Favorite Actor/ress:
    1. Sandra Bullock
    2. Robert Downey, Jr.
    3. Benedict Cumberbatch
    4. Colin Firth
    5. Samuel L. Jackson
    6. Shailene Woodley
    7. Leonardo DiCaprio
    8. Chris Pine
    9. Cate Blanchett
    10. Will Smith